Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let the circumnavigation commence

Welcome back to my tired old Blogspot. I don't have time or energy to make it new and snazzy, so we'll just have to be patient with each other as I try to keep the writing up to do and add more visuals and links. But, most important, this is where I'll be writing about my 6-months of adventures traveling first to Vietnam to do some research and work with a remarkable student from Southwestern, followed by a month-long journey going from Hanoi to London by train and a couple of boats. I will travel from Beijing to Moscow by myself on the Trans-Siberian Railway, and then will meet Bruce in Moscow. Together we'll make our way to St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Turku, Copenhagen, Esbjerg, and across the North Sea to Harwich, where my London landlord will pick us up and install us in my apartment in Kensington. Bruce will return to Texas a few days later, and I'll stay to teach in Southwestern's London Program until December 7, and when I land in Austin, I will have achieved circumnavigation.

The Vietnam phase of the trip: 17 June to 9 July
Here's a link to a map that shows our itinerary for the 3 weeks we will be spending in Vietnam