Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Saigon Update

Last day in Ho Chi Minh City. Wow, what a place. We have a full schedule today, so I won't get to catch up yet, but will work on it. I leave at 7 am tomorrow on a flight to Hue to begin the independent travel portion on the trip. Yesterday turned out to be a really eventful day that included a monkey attack on one member of the group (no real harm done -- she had a banana in her backpack), another member of the group falling ill (still pretty serious, unfortunately), and a ferocious thunderstorm on the Mekong River while we were returning to the city by boat. Oh, yeah, and later a visit to an after-hours bar in an alley, which isn't as daring as it sounds since all the bars are required to close by midnight. Details forthcoming, I promise.

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